Dezmu is a 20 year video game veteran starting his gaming career with the Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II in 1995 at the age of 10. 

Since then he has competed in a veraity of video games placing 3rd in T8's X-men vs Street Fighter tournament and 5th at EVO 2010's X-men vs Street Fighter tournament. Competing in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 he has also placed 7th at Canada Cup Master Series 2015.

His eyes are now set on Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros WiiU. We hope to see great things from this season veteran! 


Alphicans (Alfishins) is a Canadian Smasher from Edmonton, Alberta who joined the competitive scene since the fall of 2007. At one point, he was ranked 25th on the CCSC Power Rankings. Alphicans represents Edmonton and Alberta by being the highest ranked and most consistent player in tournament results both locally and regionally. The name "Alphicans" is reference to his cat Alphie.

Alphicans is currently one of Canada's best Super Smash Bros WiiU players as well as the number one ranked Smasher for Alberta! We expect big things from him in 2016


Katsutoshi, while one of the youngest players on TEG makes up for his age with fierce skill in Tekken. Playing characters such as Asuka and Kazumi he is always focusing on execution and technique as he mix's his opponents up. Never sleep on his skills as he is over 10 years in the making and considered a local Tekken veteran.

He is currently one of the strongest players in Western Canada with aims of achieving stardom in the world of Tekken as he puts in many hours in the Dojo of TEG!  


Malonik (or Dark Renagade as some know him) is one of TEG's oldest members, helping to host one of our first tournaments in his basement! 

He first started on the scene in Edmonton as the guy who always went 0-2, over the years he sky rocketed to being one of the greatest X-men vs Street Fighter players to grace the game. Later on he would try his hands at Marvel vs Capcom 3, taking top 3 in his very first event. He continued to climb the ladder to greatness winning high stakes matches against Mike Ross, Knives and Joker.  

His eyes now solely are focused on Marvel vs Capcom Infinite as he logs in serious hours in training and online play!

Red Caliburn

Red Caliburn is one of the strongest female players to have ever played in Edmonton's long last fighting game community. While at first glance many have taken her lightly, they immediately regretted ever doing so. 

Ever the Ibuki fan RC picked up fighting games competivly with Super Street Fighter IV, there she would hone her skills with her favorite ninja (Ibuki) vortexing people into rage inducing, savory salty stake bites. She splits her time in between playing Street Fighter V and working on her art. She is the life blood of TEG as she crafts all the images, logo's layouts and T-Shirt Designs from her ninja dojo!

She also has a very serious love for the color blue despite her gaming handle. 


Duskbringer has had one of the most interesting careers as far is creating hype and anger in players. He single handedly created the Tekken 5 scene in Edmonton doing nothing more than talking copious amounts of smack and backing it up. Players came out of retirement just to take a shot at the giant of a player and not once did he fall.

DB has been a stronger competitor throughout every game he has played. From Killer instinct to Injustive, to Soul Caliber to Tekken. Even dipping his hands in Marvel and making Edmonton's first 5 vs 5 man team. His highest achievement is placing 13th at Canada Cup 2017 where he ran a very close game, just barely losing. 

Now his eye's are focused on Dragon ball, while holding the local Tekekn community in his palms.