Real Money Betting on Esport

What is the Difference Between eSports Betting and Regular Sports Betting?

In order to properly comprehend the exact difference between esports betting and every other regular betting, it is a good idea to learn what the difference between esports and other sports is. In simple terms, it is basically about videogames, organizing competitions that are played on video.

The difference between both types of betting is that wagering in regular sports seems to be easier since team members are not regularly changed like non-regular sports.

Another difference is that more games for esports bet are springing up with different rules, making it have more scope than regular bet.

What to Look for When Betting Esports for Real Money?

When you choose to engage in esports betting for real money, it is good you ensure that you look out for the right things before selecting what casino to go with. One of the things to look out for is the certainty that the chosen casino is a legal casino. This matters a lot, to avoid being a victim of malicious activities that occurs on different sites. One of the tips that have always been given is that as much as possible a casino that has many varieties of casino games is preferable. This is so that your options are not in any way limited. You can choose to play any casino game. And if you feel like switching to poker, we might have a great site recommendation. is the one we have in mind.

It is important to state that you should keep in mind that the best platforms for a wager in Canada and most other countries are the online platform. With respect to online casino & casino bonus, you can be allowed to play free games in the casino simply with the use of your no deposit bonus. To help you with that, here you can find reviews for the top online casinos. and also get free 200% bonus on your first deposit.

Always ensure that after you find a good platform, you get registered so that you can enjoy all of the online casino & casino bonus privileges. We highly recommend that you give a shot to for the most lucrative bonuses out there.

Finding A Better Strategy Suitable for eSports Betting for Real Money

Whether known to you or not, there are different esports betting strategies and some are more suitable than others. Just like in a regular traditional bet, enough info and data on the dynamics of the game and teams involved are very important. You cannot just get onto a Canada casino and opt-in to bet in a game you literally know little or nothing about.

Keep in mind that none can be so accurate all the time as to winning all games in a tournament. Obviously, that is not really possible both for the traditional and esports betting. The best that is advised is that you should be able to follow the records of previous games. With the info you get, you stand a better chance of accuracy. This is like the normal methodology that those who do weather forecast seem to apply. And when you are ready to bet, we recommend Parklane casino which has a big variety of games and great support for their customers. Also, the welcome bonus from Parklane casino is among the best in the industry.

Top-Ranking Canadian eSports Teams to bet on with Real Money

For every type of game that is played, you would agree that there are always some teams that stand out. When it comes to such games, it just seems easier to place a stake and remain quite confident on any of the teams which always stand out. Some of the teams that have earned such reputation in esports betting are:

  • Evil Geniuses
  • Newbee
  • Fnatic