What is a Ranking Battle

Along with the many tournaments Edmonton Gamers hosts throughout the year, the Ranking Battle seasons will be the most time consuming and grind happy events. It will also be best opportunity for new players to get their tournament experience and prove themselves to the community.

What is a Ranking Battle season?
A Ranking Battle season, or “Ranbat” season, is a series of tournaments where the top placers accumulate points. Whoever has the cumulative highest amount of points at the end of the Ranking Battle season is the Ranking Battle season champion and will be rewarded with a prize. (Prize will always change with each ranking battle season).

When do the Ranking Battles take place?
Edmonton Gamers holds Ranking Battle seasons at Apocalypses Games Every second Sunday at 2pm.

What games are in the Ranking Battles?

Edmonton Gamers Currently host Ranking Battles for Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6. Future games will be added as they are released and continue to grow.

What system is it on?
All games will be on the xbox 360

How do you enter the Ranking Battle?
Simply show up to Apocalypses Games on any of the dates of the Ranking Battle season to enter.

How do I gain points and what are they good for?

You gain points by placing in the top 8

Is there a site fee?
Yes, there is a $5 site fee.

How much does it cost and where does the money go?

What do I get when I win this Ranking Battle season?
This Season, the first place Winner the Ranking Battle Season (for street fighter 4) will receive A T.E. Arcade stick and a copy of Super Street fighter 4.

Winner of the Tekken 6 Ranking Battle season has not yet been decided

Where is Apocalypse Games?
Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, two blocks away from Corona LRT station and Grant MacEwan College.

10185 107 Street

To see the Rankings please click on current rankings
Current Rankings on the front page of the Edmonton Gamers website. Or Click here.

The point distribution for this seasons ranking battle shall go as fallows.

1st (10 points)
2nd (7 points)
3rd (5 Points)
4th (3 Points)
5th (2 Points)
7th (1 Point)


Tournament format is singles
Each match in the tournament is a 2/3 game set
Double Elimination
In SF4 – Character switch okay but player cannot change mid 2/3 game set until they lose 1 game