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What is Edmonton Gamers?

 Thank you for taking the time to read to what Edmonton Gamers (Or “EG” for short) is all about! Edmonton Gamers embodies the present and the future of Edmonton’s video game culture.

We work with todays novice players to shape them into tomorrow’s community leaders by providing intense video game competition while having a lot of fun at the same time.

Edmonton Gamers was formed in 2006. Our goal is to evolve the level of video gaming skill in our area and help to nullify the social stigma commonly attached to the playing video games competitively. EG aims to be Edmonton’s most credible and famous video gamer organization, with experience planning dozens of versatile and successful tournaments and events: not the least of which includes the Western Canadian Championships of 2008!

Our tournament records can be found here:


To the Community
I have been a gamer since I was 4 years old. During my experiences that I have appreciated all the aspects of gaming, from its grassroots culture to the profit- and innovation-driven nature of the current culture and the nurturing it to greater heights. I have met many gamers who have joined in this crusade of mine. As the years go on, we will grow stronger and meet our true potential.
Edmonton Gamers  makes use of public venues that draw dozens, soon to be hundreds of spectators to expose this love of videogames to the mainstream . The strategies we employ enable us to make a difference in the videogames society and culture as a whole. The spirit of Edmonton Gamers is over 7 years old and is solidified by a core group of old school gamers backed by “new-school” champions. Officially, however,  we are only a few years old. We’ve done a lot in thoes 30 some odd months!


The embracing of competitive spirit keeps gamers involved in the games they play. Competition brings out the excellence in a gamer and helps those who are not skilled to set goals for improvement. Gamers have been competing against each other for thousands of years. It transcends the history of humanity.

Video game tournaments, while not as ancient, have nonetheless seen many years. The first tournament series that really made me take notice was the Nintendo Power Fest World tournaments. Since then, many community organizations and forums ( For example shoryuken.com) have brought the evolution of competition to the forefront of the community.

The prevalence of individual tournaments have lead to the formation of gaming leagues. MLK, SRK, GGL, CPL and WCG are smong these. EG strives to be another of these leagues, contributing to the international scene.

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If you are a business entity, investor or sponsor and have any questions in regards to our services and have any questions in regards to our services and products but would like to contact us please email us at.

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 We also have a modest internet forum set up for our local members to discuss video game strategies and tactics as well as converse in a relaxed, unrestricetd setting. Feel free to visit us there at.