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Azure Striker Gunvolt : The first trailer

Posted by Shiro_dk on March 26, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Not content to deliver just one Mega Man inspired knockoff that is likely to be way better than my use of the word "knockoff" implies, Keiji Inafune, the man who totally created Mega Man and, more recently, stole the hearts of many a gaming crowdfunder with Mighty No. 9, shows us another game he’s directing. It’s called Azure Striker Gunvolt, and if Mighty No. 9 is Mega Man with a twist, Azure Striker Gunvolt is the same thing to the underrated Mega Man Zero series for Game Boy Advance.

After one of his usual — and, for my money, welcome — preambles about the game, we’re shown the goods.

And even just over imperfect YouTube video, the thing oozes mechanical prowess and insane style. It’s 2D platforming run-and-gun with an anime fellow by the name of Gunvolt who uses his psychic powers to blast other, seemingly less benign anime fellows looking to do harm. You dash about, finding optimal ways through screens filled with lovingly crafted hazards. Boss fights appear to be about fighting and exploiting patterns while optimizing your own offense to take out said bosses as effectively as possible.

The twist here, what really sets this apart from anything with Mega Man in its title, is Gunvolt’s weapon, a take on the cliched fatal lightning rod trope. He shoots enemies and then activates his powers to zap anything he previously shot, dealing damage and building a combo counter. Screen-clearing "supers" seem to be the reward for fighting well, though I’m not entirely sure how they’re earned or even if they’re a good fit in this type of game. Graphically stunning for sure, though.

Delightfully techno-dramatic synth tunes and a Japanese narrator expositing about the world and its inhabitants frame the visual feast as we learn of this sci-fi near-future where psychic powers and evil corporations and who really cares? All that is like every anime-esque game summed up: an expectedly silly, over the top narrative wrapper for what appears to be great action gaming.

Really appreciating that 3DS I was initially skeptical about. I’ll be watching Azure Striker Gunvolt’s development closely

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