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Team Edmonton Gamers (or "TEG" for short) embodies the present and the future of Edmonton’s video game culture.

Who is Team Edmonton Gamers?

Team Edmonton Gamers was formed in 2006. Starting off as a simple tournament group. Coming from a sing;e basement to one hundred video game tournaments held over ten years with thousands of players in attendance over the years.

The Edmonton Gamers Community

Team Edmonton Gamers makes use of public and online venues that draw hundreds to thousands of spectators and players alike. Exposing these gamers, both competitive and casual to this love of video games in the mainstream.

The strategies we employ enable us to make a difference in the videogame society and culture as a whole. The spirit of Edmonton Gamers is just as hold as space invaders as many of that generation who crew up in this great city still play. Continuing in their own tradition to play with their children. Anyone born in the 80’s is now in their thirties or quickly approaching it. Yet still we enjoy this culture of gaming to this day, forming friendships and more because of the love of videogames. 

Get Connected!

We began to write reviews for video games we were playing. But chose not to stop at that. we began to interview players and attend tournaments out side of Edmonton. To this day we continue to grow both online and offline representing Edmonton and its gaming culture. Things have only grown larger and larger since we started in 2006, and we can only expect to grow in the future. 

We want to thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to see you in one of our future events! Be sure to check  out our social media links on this site and as always "Stay Awesome Gotham"