INTERVIEW:  Edmonton’s Top-Notch Blazblue Competitor

During Shiro420’s Blazblue (Battle at the Base) tournament (Sept 26th, 2010) I got the chance to catch an impressive player, A Stupid Crayon,  between a match to answer a few questions for us here at

EG: How about you tell us a bit about yourself?

ASC:  I’ve been playing Blazblue ever since Calamity Trigger came out. I’ve pretty well stuck with Lambda-11 and V-13 as characters since the game came out and I started to come to the Blazblue tournaments about 3 months ago.

EG: So tell us a little bit about your career in gaming tournaments.

ASC:  I’ve been playing tourneys for other games like Halo, Super Smash Bros. and various others and Blazblue is my most recent one. I think they’re a lot of fun.

EG: Is Blazblue your preferred fighting game?

ASC:  Yeah, it’s my fave fighting game, for sure. I really like how the game plays out, it feels different than other games and I think my main character is a lot of fun.

EG:  Alright, which is your favorite character and why?

ASC: I like Lambda 11 because she’s a “zoning” character. She stands at the other side of the stage and throws projectiles and I like that because I don’t like running up close and risking too much damage

EG: Fair enough! Now Shiro420 considers you one of the best players in Edmonton for Blazblue. What do you think is a quality of yours that makes you a good player- besides something like “skill”?

ASC:  I think it’s the lack of match-up knowledge from other players. I’ve played the game for a long time and opponents tend not to know how to fight against my character as well as I know how to play against theirs , so it really helps a lot.

EG: Any specific advice you’d want to give to anyone just starting out with Blazblue?

ASC:  Just keep at it. Practice online a lot. Definitely learn combos because it can get ugly if you go in with no knowledge at all and just button mash. Oh! And watch videos; they really help.

EG: Is there any particular strategies you go for with your character?

ASC: Not really. I just play.. but I guess it does depend on the match-up. Like the match I just finished against Iron Tager. it really helps to stand on the other side of the screen because he’s a grappler and gets in your face.

EG: Do you play arcade stick or controller?

ASC:  Controller.

EG: I find a lot of the players are using the arcade stick. Why do you prefer controller?

ASC: Because Blazeblue isn’t the only game that I play lots. I like to play Halo and Call of Duty, so if I buy a fight stick it’s a lot of money invested into one game. So I like to stick with controller.

EG: I see that your matches can get pretty intense, like the one against Iron Tager you just finished up. How do you deal with the stress while you play?

ASC: Well, I’ve played a lot of tournaments so I’m already used to all the stress involved with it. It’s really not so bad. I just concentrate hard.

EG: Oh, before I finish this up, I gotta ask.. is there any significance behind your gamer handle?

ASC:  *laughs* My gamer tag a long time ago was “Jin Kisaragi” and that was my old Blazblue name and I just needed a change so I picked something as random as I could and got “A Stupid Crayon”.

EG: That’s about all we got for you today. Thank you for your time!

ASC:  No prob’, thank you.

Thanks again to Kyle (A Stupid Crayon) for taking the time to chat with me and for being my very first interviewee. Here’s hoping we continue to see him at the Blazblue gatherings!

-Decode (Shayla H.)