Esport Athlete as a Career Choice

Pro-Gamer: How to become a professional player

Steps to becoming Pro-Gamer
Become a Pro-Gamer and make living playing video games online is the dream of all video game lovers!
This dream is becoming a reality for more and more players around the world (especially in the United States, Korea or Eastern Europe).
To become a professional player and being paid to play games all day requires big determination.
We give you the essential information you need to know before you start and some keys to reach your ultimate goal!
Practicing e-sports all day long requires specific skills and knowledge
Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Global Offensive Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft: these are some of the biggest esport games.
To become a professional player you need to train at least 40 hours a week, on one and the same game. It is no longer a hobby but a full-time activity, requiring concentration and determination.
Like players from other sports, professional video game players are now training and have coaches that help them win.
The money prizes are colossal today! In a 2018 Dota 2 International tournament in USA, the winners’ award was as much as 25 million dollars.
The biggest pro players therefore attract big companies as their sponsors. They devote their whole lives to video games. This is called esport. The main qualities of an electronic sports pro player are knowledge and speed.
The very precise and vast knowledge of the games, their strategies and their combinations of actions represents approximately 50% of the work of a good pro-gamer. Once the knowledge is acquired and integrated, the rest of the work is to improve its thinking and execution skills. The mind just like the eye and the hand must be very sharp! A good player must make decisions very quickly and execute them just as quickly with his mouse. Efficiency and speed are the watchwords of a seasoned player!

Become Pro-gamer gradually

From simple beginnings to integrating into teams, the path to becoming pro-gamer can be very difficult.
To become pro-gamer, you have to play the game you like, nonstop. Then store as many hours of gameplay and outside information as you can to improve your own game. This is where the knowledge of the chosen game begins and you will later become a very good player.
You will also need to develop memory, anticipation and reflex abilities that will make the difference with other amateur players.
These beginnings can be tedious. To achieve your goal, keep your motivation and determination intact.
After this personal training, you can consider joining a team, if your level allows you. Observe more experienced players, benefit from their know-how and their advice can and should help you progress faster.
Successful integration into a team is essential for future visibility and notoriety. Expand your knowledge and get to know you in the video game world.
To do this, do not hesitate to participate in tournaments to begin to make known to influential people.
To make a name is obviously essential for the future.
Participating in events will have beneficial effects on your future ascent! You will be able to train with more experienced players and gain experience very quickly while expanding your list of knowledge and contacts in the field of e-sports.
Once you have won some tournaments, you can start developing your own image on social networks. You are no longer one or a total unknown in the e-sports world and therefore have interest in creating your streaming channel, your Twitter account, etc.
You can hope to develop a fan base that will give you some credibility. Communicating about your game is essential. Post your training sessions on a regular basis to keep your fans loyal.
To attract more people to your videos, do not hesitate to share with them your highlights during tournaments, slip some anecdotes. In fact, create the sympathy to attract as many people as possible to your video sharing!
However, think that a gamer’s career is short because your game is bound to disappear one day or another. So think of your reconversion so you do not find yourself very quickly on the floor.

Different sources of income

A pro-gamer have different incomes, and often not so stable.To be considered a pro player, you must have a fixed salary that you get from your team or sponsor. Finding a sponsor can be very important to improve your salary.
Another source of income is streaming on Twitch. You get paid, depending on how many views you have when you play the game on the platform. Also, you get money by donations of people that watch you. Normally to make a living from streaming you have to have a lot of fans that watch you.
Third source of income is the money that you win in the tournaments.  These revenues are variable, especially with the increase in competition and the low level of difference between players.
So, unless you are very talented in this area and enjoy a community of important followers, making esport your job is risky.

Unequal income by country

In addition to being irregular, the revenues of electronic sport in France are reputed lower than elsewhere.
In France exists the notion of SMIC; a structure must provide a minimum wage for its employees whereas this notion is non-existent in Germany, for example.
Foreign teams are therefore more inclined to pay their players because they will have no strict legal obligations to respect. Some countries impose a minimum wage but this amount is well below the French amount, which explains the small proportion of French teams compared to foreign teams in the e-sports environment.
Going abroad can be the key to unlocking the pro-gamer business. Germany and the United States have very active sponsors who invest in esport teams because the communities are highly developed compared to France.
As you can see, the realities of the job are difficult in the field of esport. Indeed, in order to make your dream a reality, it is necessary to work hard and hang on very strongly to your desire to break through.
Only a minority of the best players benefit from viable wages, allowing them to live off their passion.
In France, this observation is all the truer because sponsors are more cautious than elsewhere. To succeed in this sector, you have to train hard and spend long hours in front of your computer or game console.
It should not be forgotten either that you will be required to travel often, during various tournaments and therefore have to think about receiving material aid through integration with certified structures or through your sponsors.