– EG Pokemon League

Hey trainers, this page is for our Edmonton Gamers Pokemon X and Y League which is played online. During the event points are given to our top 16 players within the event. At the end of the league season we give out a special prize to our top 3 placers. Entering the tournament is completely free. But be careful as there are many strong trainers who enter!

Standings Thus far can be found here


How do I enter the tournament?

You simply come on our steam at 1:00pm GMT when the stream starts and follow the link provided for the 


What are the rules?

As with most games, Pokemon does require a bit of rules to allow a fair and balanced tournament for everyone. To look more into what those rules are please CLICK HERE.  In addition Lucarioite is banned as well as the Pokemon Genesect.

How do I know when I play?

Simply be on the stream and a bracket will be posted to show you who you play!

If you are new to competitive Pokemon then allow these links to help get you started

Pokemon EV and IV’s