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Hour of Apocalypses

Posted by Shiro_dk on December 17, 2014 at 3:55 PM


Edmonton Gamers is ready to announce that we will be hosting our first ever online Smash Bros WiiU event With a $1000.00 CDN guaranteed prize split between 1st 2nd and 3rd


Featuring Jtails, Nairo, Mr.R, AllyKnight! and many many more!


Players in the tournament are to make use of Nintendo Dojo’s tournament rooms. If you do not have a account for the website you will need to create one on



the general Q & A will be located on this link

[Link to be provided]

Pools can be found here









This event will be streamed on:

Edmonton Gamers



Smash Studios



Event sponsored in part by

Over Kloccked Gaming



Nintendo Dojo

Special Event Matches?


???? vs ????

???? vs ????

???? vs ????

???? vs ????


Seed Points:


This event is free to enter as you just need to sign up on the link which will be provided soon


Event Starts at 1:00 pm Mountain Time (If you are in a different time zone, use google to figure out your time zone difference to the GMT one)


All matches will start on a neutral stage based on the current round, the winner of game one gets 2 bans from all stages. The loser of course will then pick the stage to play on.


Each bracket will be broker down like this


At 64 players will all be broken into four separate brackets with two winners from each (One from winners one from losers) going into our top 8. Which will be played on the following day.


If we have more than 64 players we will brake the pools into 8 man pools with g 32 player brackets and move two winners from each (One from winners one from losers) going into our top 16.


We will have pool judges on hand to take control of each match. Your pool judge will be introduced to you before the event. Players are asked to inbox their bracket judge for matches and any issues that happen for matches.


Players caught cheating (Quitting games, claiming false victors etc) will be kara-thrown from the event and cast into the fiery pits of scrub hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <_<





Smash 4 Stage list:

Before each match both players will be required to pic Mr. Game And Watch, entering into a doubles match. Each player will do G&W’s side B attack, the player with the high number will win and thus be allowed to ban one of the starting stages.


The losing player will then pick one of the two stages that is left in the "Starters" stage selection.





Smash 4 Wii U short rule overview: (Season Runs till March 31st, 2015)


Three (3) Stock


Eight (8) Minutes


All items off


Customizations off. No equipment allowed


Mii Fighters are legal


Matches are best two (2) out of three (3)


First stage is selected via stage strike from the Neutral Stages:


Final Destination


Town and City

Lylat Cruise


Counterpick Stages:

Duck Hunt



Castle Siege

Delfino Plaza

Donkey Kong 64

Omega Version of any stage ^


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