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Is Capcom on the verge of bankruptcy

Posted by Shiro_dk on September 12, 2013 at 9:45 PM


With the recent news of Capcom having only 152 Million in their bank, one starts to wonder how such a powerhouse in the gaming industry can have such low funds. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to everyone as the company has been in the hot seat for quite some time. From the inscial murder of a franchise favorite by canceling not only one game but a constant string of “trolling” as seen in Street Fighter x Tekkens Box Art Megaman who frankly, no one wanted.


The list went on as DLC content for Street Fighter x Tekken was on the very disk they were sold on. To put further insult to injury, Capcom canceled the new Dark Stalkers game because “Darkstalkers Resurrection didn’t perform as we would have liked”. This statement really comes off as ridiculous. Imagine if Street Fighter IV’s release was hinging on the performance of Street Fighter II’s sales on PSN and XBL. The idea is of course silly and the excitement and community following the series for almost twenty years begs to differ on the lack of faith Capcom is showing. Not to mention the game is made available on GGPO to play online for free, you wont see Nintendo refusing to develop more games for IP’s because they did not receive enough online perches for previous games.


The ball isn’t only dropped here however, Capcom still has IP’s there in the past were commercial success for the company such as Breath of Fire which has seen a release since the horrid Dragons Quarter. But that isn’t a reason to drop the series, there is still so much that could be done with the IP but we haven’t seen Capcom so much as budge on making a new game. Imagine if you can a Breath of Fire meet’s Dark Cloud styled game, or even going the route of Nintendo’s Mario& Luigi Dream Team. While it is true that Capcom has made “some” Megaman games in the past few years such as Megamane 9 and 10, but they never felt like a new Megaman game in the sense of innovating the game. The transition from Megaman 7 to Megaman X was amazing, from 7 to 9 it just feels like more of the same.


Capcom in the past was responsible for releasing genre defining games Like Street Fighter and obviously they knew what they were doing with 2D platformers like Strider (who is finally getting a new game), Megaman and Bionic Commando. They clearly had a strong graps for side scrolling beat em ups like Alien vs Preitor and Captain Comando. But where has this innovation gone? Are we really going to be forced to play more Street Fighter IV? Or will we see something different from Capcom? We could see a company that no longer can say “sorry guys no new Dark Stalkers we’re not seeing the interest” beause we have the power to vote with our dollars by using tools like kickstarter. I for one would love to see some of Capcms IP’s outsourced to companies who know what their doing. Hey it worked when Level – 5 got ahold of Dragon Quest 8 a game which is one of the best sellers in it’s own franchize.

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