Welcome to the Dezmu Games,  This is a Dragon Ball Fighter Z online league this will fall into line with a ladder or (league) what it entails is this. 

Players will be facing one another in a online tournament and accumulate points. The points will depend on the turnout of players (this is to avoid the whole "you have to enter every tournament to even stand a chance") winning a Dragon Ball Weekly will result in you getting a Dragon Ball.

If you collect 7 before the league ends you can make a wish (Wish List is TBA). The tournament will go on for 12 weeks and will start January on the 18th ending on May 18th.

Our first Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament will have a prize of $100 it will be free to enter, as will all tournaments hosted in this series.

Point distribution will be as follows, Each player entering in a tournament will add 10pts to a collective point pot. At the end of the tournament the top 8 placing players will split the points from 1st to 5th it will go as follows.

1st: 48% 2nd: 22% 3rd: 14% 4th: 8% 5th: 4% 7th: 2% 

Points will be displayed here

Brackets will start with 4 polls and will be limited to 64 players in total. First 64 players to enter the tournament will be in the event.


Ladder By points

1st Tented Knight

2nd FluxWaveZ

3rd TEG Dezmu 

4th MrMaddamage

5th Halite Sprite

6th Chik4no_

5th DarkShambles

5th Facade

D4rk Phantom

7th GO|Tas The Tyrant

7th JordanGx

Choko Discuits


340 Pts
158 Pts
156 Pts
  99 Pts
  72 Pts 
  24 Pts
  24 Pts
  23 Pts 
  14 Pts
  14 Pts
    6 Pts
    6 Pts

Dragon Ball Carriers 

Tented Knight

Flux Waves