Art Contest

Hey eveyrone, Edmonton Gamers is proud to announce its first ever ART CONTEST. What we are looking for is from YOU the artest is to do a unique take on a classic capcom character SAGAT. Now we will run down a list of things you should know about this contest and what we will be looking for from all our contestants.


1: The Character we want drawn is Sagat from street fighter, meaning this guy

2: The idea of your picture should have a Tiger, sorta like this guy.

In the same legendary pose as Sagat when he does his signature move “Tiger Shot”. This is his “Tiger shot pose”


3: Whn drawing your interpitation it must be the post sagats doing with his projectile looking the same. Do NOT change the perspective OR the projectile. Make your art as close to the original as possible. Try to fallow Sagats clothes as close as possible and notice his scar on his chest as well.


For a better idea of how your close you want your picture to look to it’s original take a look at the original ideal for this picture.


4: Submit your art in black and white. No color pictures will be accepted. Also be sure to scan your pictureinstead of taking a picture of…. your picture…


5: You will submit your picture as a pdf and send it to Edmonton Gamers E-Mail address [email protected]

The winner will have their art work put on the next run of the Edmonton Gamers T-Shirts!  Good Luck!