Tittle: Mortal Kombat 9 Online tournament

Winner recieves a Mortal Kombat T-Shirt and 3 months of Xbox live


What: Mortal Kombat 9 Online tournament


When is it? April 30th 2011. 1:00 PM


Where is it at: Edmontongamers.com forums


Format type: 1 vs 1


Double Elimination


System: Xbox360


The tournaments will help to break the ice for new players in the community who are new to the game and just want to play some locals.


Brackets will be posted on forum, tournament is expected to last no more than one day (Be sure to be here for your matches)


ALL of the matches are to be completed on April 30th day of the tournament. Starting at 2pm on Saturday. No excuses will be allowed. Players who have not played their matches will be sent into losers bracket. All matche vitories and or loses must be posted. Top 5 will be recorded.


One week From when the tournament has started a live stream will be shown for the top 5. All top 5 matches will be recorded and added to the Edmonton Gamers Youtube


I will be taking signups on this thread for the time being, if you would like to enter the event please post up here. Pm’ing me things like “I want to be in the tournament duuuur can i sign up” will not get you in the event, You must post ON THIS THREAD in order to be in the event.


How do you do this?




Name: Shiro420


XBL: Shiro420 srk


Character: Scropion


That’s all you need to do. As a side note, if these online tournaments catch on I will try to implement something to give players the incentive to enter by offering a prize. What that will be is uncertain at this point in time.