Settle it online? In a Smash Tournament?

Thats right Edmonton Games will be hosting a ONLINE Smash Bros 3ds tournament. This has yet to be done in our fair city but we intend to set the record!

The event is free to enter with free raffles and free prizes to be won during the stream!

So come on down this friday at 6:00 PM GMT and settle your weekly                                       frustrations in SMASH!

The event will be streamed here

And signups can be done here

Destiny is finally out!

There’s been no question that Bungie’s upcoming “Destiny” is, ahem, destined to be the marquee title of the new console generation. But the game has turned out to be a gold mine even bigger than publisher Activision could have dreamed.

Bungie has reportedly put $500, 000, 000 million dollars into the making of this game, placing it as the most expensive game to make so far. However with that in mind  Destiny plans to run its games story with ten years worth of content and easily allowing players to switch between consoles and even PC.  With droves of hungry gamers lining up all over Edmonton for a midnight release, it should come as no surprise that gamers on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One have had their consoles spinning the games disk since launch. we could very well be seeing a new juggernaut in the gaming 

Alberta Beat Down 2014 is FINALLY HERE!

Its time once again for Edmontons largest fighting game tournament to go down. With the most exciting matches all year, you can feel the intensity when power and technique collide.

2014 is the year we mark as our chance to shine our best. Edmonton's own Bee will be playing against the number one ranked Ibuki player in the world White Gun in a first to 10 for the prize of $100.00 Ultra Street Fighter IV and that is just the tip of the Iceberg.

TEG's own Red Caliburn, Dark Renagade, and crowd favorites Sam and CandyMan will be ready and amped to fight in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs Cacpom 3 and of course Pokemon X and Y.

Smash legends such as Alphicans, KillLock and many many more but those are just some of the home grown talents, who knows who will at this event as Alberta strongest will collide at one of the largest anime conventions in Canada.

To find out more information on this event please check out our facebook page HERE

Summers Salt (Things are getting salty!)

If your going to EVO (The worlds biggest fighting game tournament) or if your hungry for competition be sure to check out Summers Salt Happening this Saturday at Over Klovked gaming Click the banner for more info! 

Turning the page to a new area

As we close the book on possibly the longest tittle in the Street Fighter franchise we'd like to give a nod to the last event held here for the game.

Our FGC Held a tournament called "The King of AE" where the winner of the event would have the final bragging rights for the last SSFIV AE 2012 (boy what a mouth full).

19 players showed up and at the end of the event it was JustJon from the Just Jon 5 that stood above all the rest as the king of AE. In second place was not so old but not so new Evol who played his bison all the way to he clashed with the king. Following that was a new player in our scene was 2 Perfects own Shippin with one of Edmonton's sneakiest ninja's to date!

Now as this new page has turned in Street Fighter IV's history it is time for new grinding sessions to take place. Who will win the first tournament for Ultra Street Fighter IV? Who will rise above and usurp the current past King of AE? Will Evol run it back? Find out this wednesday as 2 Perfect streams Edmontons First ranbat on Ultra Street Fighter IV.

To join our community please feel free to check us out on FACEBOOK 

Best buy gives first chance to play the new Super Smash Bros?

It appears that best buy has decided to give the hungry smash players a early taste of the newest instalment in the smash series. On  JUNE 11 4-9pm & JUNE 14 12-5pm players will be able to go to best buys and not only play this soon to be hit. But they will be able to collect coins? 

I guess this is Nintendo's way of paying their gamers twice. First with the chance to play this game and second with some of marios famous coins! Find out more on Best Buys official website here

Edmonton Gamers Selling T-Shirt?

You heard it here first folks, Edmonton Gamers is now finally selling our very own T-Shirt's. With the cleaver art style from Camilla Khau over at we have custom made shirts.

 If you're a fan of Fighters, Shooters, Moba's or RTS we plan to carry many throwback/shoutouts to the most amazing characters and franchises 

that we all love!

You can find a link to our store on the "TEG Store" tab on this site! Or click here

Ultra Street Fighter IV Location Test and Tournament Announced for Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 10

The guys at Shoryuken were able to translate the full list of changes for Ultra Street Fighter IV before its arcade release this April!

The feedback gathered from various location tests in North America, Asia and Japan have culminated in this final change list. Aside from the new characters exclusive to Ultra, this list breaks down all character changes from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Ver. 2012. In addition, the list breaks down delayed wakeup, red focus and red focus cancelling.

You can check out the full detailed change list here! Ultra Street Fighter IV arrives in Japanese arcades on April 17, 2014 and consoles digitally on June 2014!

 Azure Striker Gunvolt : The first trailer

This game oozes mechanical prowess and insane style. It's 2D platforming run-and-gun where you dash about, finding optimal ways through screens filled with lovingly crafted hazards. The twist here is Gunvolt's weapon: he shoots enemies and then activates his powers to zap anything he previously shot, dealing damage and building a combo counter. Screen-clearing "supers" seem to be the reward for fighting well, though I'm not entirely sure how they're earned or even if they're a good fit in this type of game.

Really appreciating that 3DS I was initially skeptical about. I'll be watching Azure Striker Gunvolt's development closely.

Click here to read more

Keep It Classy 2014

On March 29th-30th Edmonton Gamers will be hosting Keep It Classy 2014 our yearly and most classy event's of the year. Be sure to check out our large list of games this year as we will be running several games. 

Not the least of which are Super Street Fighter IV AE: 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bro's Brawl, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokemon X/Y, King of Fighter XIII as well as MANY side games. Find out about this event and many others by going to our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE Located here.

Event Page